Plot and Scene Books Giveaway

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PLEASE NOTE! The response has been overwhelming and I need time to sort out who wants what and assess what, if any, books I have left to offer in my plot and scene books giveaway. So for now: the offer is closed. Check back later to see if I have enough of a supply to reopen. Thank you for your patience!

I started to title this post — massive plot and scene books giveaway — but then I went to check how many of my plot and scenes books are on hand. What I found compelled me to leave out the massive part.  Though, I do have plenty. Instead, I’m simply offering a plot and scene books giveaway.

Plot and Scene Books Giveaway

Opening Space

I believe in the ritual of cleansing and purging before undertaking a new task. The ceremony opens space for new adventures to enter. For me, 2019 offers several tasks and new adventures. Thus, the need to clear room in my casita where I store extra copies of my books. Then, I’ll be ready to start in on the third (of four) batch of chapters for Boundless Creativity: A Spiritual Workbook for Overcoming Self-Doubt, Emotional Traps, and Other Creative Blocks (New Harbinger Publication 6/20).

My Way of Supporting Your New Year’s Resolution

And, since we’re beginning a new year, I assume lots of you are making resolutions to undertake the task of starting, revising, rewriting, and/or finishing your novel, memoir, or screenplay. Therefore, passing along my surplus plot and scene books is my way of supporting your efforts to make 2019 the year you succeed!

Caveats for the Plot and Scene Books Giveaway

1) First come, first served

2) Fill out and return my survey HERE moves you automatically to the top of the list

3) This offer is available for domestic shipping only

4) Also, this offer is good only for as long as my supply lasts

4) And, though the books are free to you, I do ask that you send me postage for Priority Mail shipping — $6.70. 

Guidelines to Get in on the Fun

The five plot and scene books HERE are available (no ebooks — paperbacks only).

Send me a list in order of your preference HERE.

I’ll send you an email back to let you know which book is available to you, along with a PayPal link where to send the $6.70..