Women Writers: A Critical and Overlooked Plot

Thematically linked inner plots and outer plots create dynamic stories. An inner plot is also known as the Character Emotional Development (CED) plot. The outer plot is the Dramatic Action (DA) plot. There is another plot category beyond the traditional. The one I'm thinking of lies deeper than the inner plot. Women writers a critical and overlooked plot came to me when my iphone exploded with a rash of grisly news headlines about men’s brutality toward women and children. I call this critical … [Read more...]

A Love Letter to Writers

In surveys and consultations, writers and creatives openly share their fears and insecurities. This is a love letter to writers and anyone plagued with self-doubt, emotional traps and other creative blocks.  Is My Story Silly? She asks if her ideas, her story is silly. I can't answer that for her. Only she can. I see her as a miracle, a jewel, a precious creation. How can anything silly come out of that? What I hear? Self-doubt and limiting self-beliefs likely based in criticism heard and … [Read more...]

Plot and Scene Books Giveaway

(Psst: if you're looking for the SURVEY, click HERE ) PLEASE NOTE! The response has been overwhelming and I need time to sort out who wants what and assess what, if any, books I have left to offer in my plot and scene books giveaway. So for now: the offer is closed. Check back later to see if I have enough of a supply to reopen. Thank you for your patience! I started to title this post -- massive plot and scene books giveaway -- but then I went to check how many of my plot and scenes books are … [Read more...]

Writers and Creatives I Need Your Help

SURVEY! Calling all writers and creatives I need your help. Well, perhaps not need, but I'd certainly appreciate your help. Boundless Creativity As you may know, New Harbinger Publication signed me to write what I believe is my life's work. As writers and artists, we're continually asked to take risks, and furthermore, to try, try again. Boundless Creativity: A Spiritual Workbook for Overcoming Self-Doubt, Emotional Traps, and Other Creative Blocks seeks to change your perception of life from … [Read more...]

It’s Official! I Signed the Contract

After The Plot Whisperer: Secrets of Story Structure Any Writer Can Master came out, I started receiving heart-felt thanks from writers. By applying the Universal Story to their own lives, writers finally understood why they meet with resistance. As a result, they felt they knew what to do about it. Encouraged by their connection to the spiritual side of the Plot Whisperer, I extracted the thread from the book and expanded it into an on-line video series: A Spiritual Guide for Writers. And... … [Read more...]