Writers and Creatives I Need Your Help

SURVEY! Calling all writers and creatives I need your help. Well, perhaps not need, but I’d certainly appreciate your help.

Boundless Creativity

As you may know, New Harbinger Publication signed me to write what I believe is my life’s work. As writers and artists, we’re continually asked to take risks, and furthermore, to try, try again. Boundless Creativity: A Spiritual Workbook for Overcoming Self-Doubt, Emotional Traps, and Other Creative Blocks seeks to change your perception of life from a place of drama and setbacks to a series of creative breakthroughs. Our spiritual nature is to embrace creativity just as all of life is made up of creative energy. gFuvr1546141370


As writers, creatives and makers, you imagine worlds and write them down, see an image and paint it on canvas, create bracelets you imagine or whatever your chosen medium to express your creativity. You’re just the people I’d like to help me by completing the survey below. 

If you’re like most creatives I’ve worked with over the years, you experience self-doubt from time to time. You also sometimes or frequently feel blocked creatively. In our attempt to create something from our imagination, it’s not unusual to become ensnarled in emotional traps. For those reasons, I value your feedback.

Writers and Creatives I Need Your Help

Over the years, creatives in my workshops and talks fill out a questionaire about their goals and strengths, flaws and fears. In contrast, now for my new book I seek a different sort of insight. Having handed in the first two batches of chapters, I now enter the third phase of the workbook. For those of you familiar with my work with the Universal Story, you know I’m entering the dark middle where creatives are most apt to suffer a major setback(s). For many of us, this is a defining time, especially so if we stumble, lose our way, feel all is lost and suffer a dark night of the soul.

Whether or not you’ve experienced such a time, feel free to answer any and all questions in any way that best reflects your creative process. Your feedback is your permission for me to use your responses in my upcoming book (pub date 6/20). However, and above all, though I may use your comments and creative experiences, your identity remains completely anonymous. 

Living Your Best Creative Life Survey

What is your preferred medium for self-expression (indicate how much time per week or month you devote to your chosen vehicle(s) of creativity)? 


Do you adhere to a regular schedule to write or paint or whatever? 

Have you taken on a new project this year or plan to do things differently (a new medium, routine, discipline)?

How do you motivate yourself to show up for your creativity?

Are you currently living your best creative life? If not, what’s missing?

What is the greatest obstacle(s) to your creativity (internal and external opposition)?

Also, what is the greatest gift you’ve received intrinsically and/or extrinsically from living a creative life? 

What has been the worst setback you’ve experienced creatively?

How did/do motivate yourself after experiencing a creative setback? and how long does it generally take you to rebound?

What constitutes creative success to you?

Where to Send Your Feedback

Please cut and paste your answers HERE. Also, if you have friends who might be willing to help, please send them a link to this page. Thank you!

I send my sincere thanks for taking time to share your creative process. Thank you for your help!