Plot a Publishing Plan – Step Two

Reviewing Plot a Publishing Plan — Step One, I’m not surprised the first month in my four month publishing plan is nearly spent. Set-up, organization, and committing to a deadline take time and thought. As part of step one, I passed The Avenue to my brilliant editor. He set himself a deadline of no later than two months. With the manuscript off my mind, inspiration turns to Plot a Publishing Plan – Step Two. Plotpubplan2


Brainstorm goals you have for your Plot a Publishing Plan. Are you publishing your novel for you? For your family? For the general reader? Who is your potential reader? The answer to these questions and countless others help determine your publishing goals

A few of my goals: secure blurbs for the back of the book, send for reviews, organize beta-readers, set-up a blog tour, start a social media campaign, prepare steps to upload to CreateSpace and Kindle, research IngramSpark

List your goals on the top left side of your Plot a Publishing Plan

Plot a Publishing Plan

Decide the steps needed to accomplish each goal. Jot each step on a sticky note. Stick each note sequentially along your Plot a Publishing Plan timeline where you plan to take that step.


This is my Plan after a few brainstorming sessions (Since snapping the photo, now even more layers cover the line). Index cards for lists hang above the corresponding sticky note. For example, listed under BLURBS are names of New York Times best-sellering authors I’ve helped with plot and who I plan to ask to write blurbs for The Avenue.

The big picture of the entire publishing process emerges from all the many steps and notes and ideas on the graphic. Next, simply preform the step in front of me. Each step separated and strung out on a continuum of specified time narrows my focus. 

Above and Below the Line

The straightforward, non-threatening steps belong below the tapeline. Challenging steps — physically, emotionally, financially, mentally — place above the line.


This first month, the first above-the-line task is to secure beta-readers. The sticky note is above the line because just thinking of following through and I lose all my energy, get distracted, find something else to do, take a nap. Thanks to the study and development I’ve done with the Universal Story, I appreciate the lesson. My resistance comes out of fear. Fear of harsh feedback. Fear of judgment. Of failing. Fear of ridicule. Pick one.

Sending the manuscript off to my editor was easy. I trust him and respect his feedback. Friends and family are harder. Hurt once, the ability to lower my defenses and stay open comes out of a conscious practice. Facing fears promises valuable information about what readers like and what doesn’t work. 

Follow the Map

Plot a Publishing Plan’s fresh path mapped out right in front of me leads the way. Every small steps draws me nearer to my ultimate goal of publishing The Avenue. The exotic world of the middle awaits in little more than a week. Then more intense antagonists will arrive. Things are bound to become more challenging. For now, I simple address the step in front of me — set-up beta-readers. 

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