Beginning or Finishing? Which is Harder?

Perhaps I should have included the middle, too — Beginning, Slogging through the Middle or Finishing? What is the hardest? Responses on Twitter unanimously agree. Finishing is the hardest. Reaching the end. The realization of a goal. Fulfillment. Completion. Seize the prize. From a creative point-of-view, an outer cause for the difficulty is confusion over technique and/or what each part symbolizes themetically and archetypially. An inner cause from a spiritual point-of-view is ego. Attachment to the outcome drags down the urge to create. Beginning or finishing? Which is harder? Creating something out of nothing but your imagination is living a creative life. With no beginning and no end, creativity always a work in progress.

beginning or finishing?

First See the End

A friend of mine studied chakras and the kundalini and wrote a book about dreams. She believed to manifest our waking dreams and goals, reach the end, and finish, first we have to see the end. The end doesn’t always, or even very often, arrive quite how we imagined. The clearer we are about what we’re doing and why the more focused the way forward. Assemble people who support your journey. Members of Team The Avenue are stepping forward. Surround yourself with objects and clothing in sync with your vision. For me, the cover of The Avenue  and my Plot a Publishing Plan planner hang where I see them throughout the day. 


The Universal Story

I run into trouble when I can’t visualize the next step. I know where I am energetically in the Universal Story and thus, why the struggle. Still, I just can’t see how to put together the next step. Yes, I can conjure up a default and float along the same old way. Opt for the familiar. Play it safe. Or, drop out entirely. But as daunting and murky and forboding the unfamiliar, I’m pulled to the mystery the Universal Story. Do old things a new way. Reach for wisdom promised in creating something new. Mitigate the ups and downs of a creative life.

Halfway Point

We’re halfway through 2018. And, I’m halfway through the four month goal I set to independently publish The Avenue 8/28/18. Where are you on the journey you’re writing about? The goal you’re pursuing? I sailed into the middle on winds of enthusiasm and trust. Halfway to my goal and halfway to the end of the year. The end is near.

Plot A Publishing Plan

I haven’t given much thought beyond 8/28/18 unless it has to do with promoting The Avenue. I’ll turn to that vision later. For now I need all my focus to get through this third month of my program.

Dark Middle

Suddenly foreign concepts, unknown steps and new requirements muddle and confuse the way forward. What began as vague and exploratory plan now demands refinement and specifics. Commitment. Dedication. Full-hearted effort. The clock is ticking.

As always, the need to dig deep hits right after I’ve taken steps making turning back impossible. The reality of what I’m attempting and what is required of me crystalizes.As I muster my energy for the next leap forward, I organize. Complete little projects. Acknowlege my resistance. Eliminate distractions. 

The path to the end is two-fold. On the outer level, I follow tips from those who have traveled a similar path — in this case, Carla King, a guru in the self-publishing world. Internally or spiritually, whether beginning a project or finishing up a goal, push past ego and detach from the outcome. Now rather than which is harder, free of the struggle, your energy rises. Enthusiasm builds. The outer goal for success works in tandem with an inner goal for joy. Knowledge merges with wisdom and intuition.  

Beginning or Finishing? Which is Harder?

The next step appears. Take it. Whether beginning or finishing, the true meaning of success is joyfully creating everyday. 

Trust the promise of the Universal Story. Gifts await. 

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