Renew Refresh Recommit to Your Creativity Goals

Beginnings promise something new. The excitement you feel at the beginning of a new year, starting a new novel, beginning NaNoWriMo, attempting any new creative project activates your energy and gets you moving. Then, at some point, for some sooner than later, your initial exhileration turns into a dizzying dance of ebb and flow. The deeper you travel toward your creativity goal, the more setbacks you face. You learn what you know and what you don’t know, how you respond to disappointment and challenges, what knowledge and experience are necessary to excel. As the challenges increase is not the time to despair but rather to renew refresh recommit to your creativity goals. 


Suddenly, the initial thrill you felt about what you were setting out to do disappears. You search to recover it but you have no idea where it went or how to get it back. A few days later, without warning the creative whisper awakens you, nagging at your heart to hurry home to your creativity. Then, before you know it, a sense of boredom and lethargy sets in.

Are you experiencing a similar up-and-down of emotions?

Doubt Steals In

For most of us, doubt steals in as you find how weak your execution is from your vision, you’re confused about what to do next, you’re lost. Rather than hole up alone with your creativity, you give in when friends pressure you to go to lunch. You’ve fallen behind on your steps and feel like a failure. You feel guilty when your kids demand to know why isn’t dinner ready yet? And you wonder if the effort is worth the time away from friends and family and commitments.

Before you give up or find yourself uttering the dreaded:

“Later… I come back to this later, after I…”

Commonly, halfway through the year or a project or a goal (or now as we approach the halfway mark of NaNoWriMo) is when most creatives begin to falter. What you’re experiencing is a vital part of the creative process. Instead of being controlled by your emotions, explore what sets you off, giving you the opportunity to lift yourself up and change rather than stomp yourself down and quit.

For NaNo writers, soon you’ll arrive at the second major energy marker in the Universal Story – Recommitment also know as Renewal. From the challenges you’ve faced developing a relationship with your art, you may well understand the need to refresh, renew, recommit to your creativity goals.

Renew Refresh Recommit to Your Creativity Goals

You are being tested. Show you’re up to the task and are willing to overcome all obstacles to reach your goals. Renew your goal by writing it down and posting it somewhere you’ll see often. Refresh your goal if need be. Then Recommit to your creativity goal which is in essence, recommitting to yourself over and over and over again.

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