Putting Your Novel Out There

When I fell in love with writing fiction, I fell hard. I sold my clinic for children with speech, language, and learning disabilities. I said good-bye to the kids and their parents and teachers, the five therapists working for me and one psychologist on staff. No more euphoric moments watching the children’s joy in their accomplishments. Gone with the power lunches with principals of private schools. No need for the latest fashions picked out by a personal shopper or — new at the time — my car phone. I planned to eat at home and write in my pajamas with characters as my friends. I had no thought of putting my novel out there.


A Student Again

I went from owner / founder of a respected clinic for children to a nobody. I didn’t care. Awkward at first as a novice and a student, I was enamored with stringing together the exact right words, imagining exotic worlds, researching history, hanging out with the characters, and struggling with plot. 

I Became the Plot Whisperer

Before long, in my reluctance to waste the knowledge and experience and wisdom from my “former” life, I found myself leading writing time at our local children’s protective services shelter. Then writers in my critique group and writing club started asking me to share with them what I was researching and learning about plot.  Quickly, I was back in my comfort zone — teaching and helping others. Which turned out well for me as I was finding my fiction writing wasn’t going to give me a grand entrance into the creative world of writers anytime soon. I became the Plot Whisperer.

Parallel Lives

Even as I was teaching, writing books about scene and plot and the Universal Story, and creating on-line video courses, I never gave up writing my own fiction. Novels piled up I kept hidden under my bed. A couple of years ago, I took the leap and released Parallel Lives: A Novel — opting for indie publishing over traditional publishing.

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Once again, I found myself awkward and far from my position of respect and comfort. This time was even worse, threatening actually. Parallel Lives is highly autographical.

the Avenue

Now, I’m ready to publish The Avenue, a novel I wrote using the prompts when The Plot Whisperer Book of Writing Prompts first came out. I’ve revised, refined and rewritten and rewritten. Now I’m ready to pull everything together to indie publish The Avenue. No fear this time. The novel is more than ready and so am I.

I’m thrilled to announce The Avenue will be available August 28th. Sure to become your favorite summer read! 

Plot whisperer Book of Writing Prompts

Putting Your Novel Out There

Always eager to support others, I invite you along as I undertake the necessary steps to indie publish The Avenue. Have you written, revised, refined and rewritten a novel or memoir? Do you find yourself writing, stopping, and starting again? Join me! Plot a publishing plan. Let’s get our stories out there.  Accomplish what we set out to do — publish our work.

I’m blogging the steps I take to pull together all the elements to indie publish The Avenue. You or your story aren’t ready? Follow along so you’ll have an idea what to anticipate when you are ready for putting your novel out there.