Control the Pacing of Your Novel, Memoir, Screenplay

Plot PlannerLearn how to control the pacing of your novel, memoir, screenplay. 

Plot the pace and intensity of all the major events of your novel, memoir, screenplay along the Plot Planner line.

Rather than outline your plot in list-form or story-board your ideas in a flat and linear progression, plot the pacing of your scenes to rise and fall in the dynamic pattern found in all great stories. 

As the line of the Plot Planner slowly rises at the beginning, control the pacing of the action, emotion, suspense and meaning of your scenes. The middle line proves more and more difficult as you’re forced to throw all sorts of horrible people and situations at your protagonist. Pace the intensity of these scenes as they foreshadow the coming disaster. The Plot Planner line peaks — the highest point in the energy of the story so far and the lowest point for the protagonist as she awakens to the bigger problem, villain, stakes, need, challenge.

What comes later when compared to what comes earlier as seen on the Plot Planner allows you to better control your pacing — when to pull back in reflective scenes, when to charge ahead with pressure scenes. The line of the Plot Planner guides your pacing scene-by-scene.

Examples of writers’ Plot Planners