Transformational Guide

I call myself a transformational guide for the work I do guiding people like you to see the world and the events and people surrounding you in a completely new way and bring more energy and enthusiasm to your life.

What began as a dedication to teaching writers about plot by embracing the structural, linear and organized side of writing a story widened to support writers and all creative people who feel limited by self-doubt, lacking imagination and who have forgotten how to follow their own heart.

Creating something real and tangible from your imagination — a relationship, a family, a garden, a meal, a business, a story, a painting — takes you on a journey. There are obstacles to overcome. Many of these challenges are pre-determined and arrive at specific moments in every spiritual journey. They are energetic markers in the Universal Story.Universal Story

“Alderson’s insight into the “universal story”
put into perspective the peaks and valleys of my own life.”

The Universal Story is the transformational pattern repeated in every great story, in the lives of the people I work with, my family, friends and the world at large. Knowing what to anticipate for yourself broadens space around your creativity and your life. An awareness of where you are on your journey allows you to move more effortlessly toward that which you most desire.

“Writing a story (and raising a well-adjusted child, assembling a cohesive work force, building a house, creating financial security) is not the formulaic process that many gurus would have you believe; there are emotional reasons for writing a book (and having children, growing a business, saving money), and emotional reasons for failing to complete the goal. Alderson gets that, and offers a way forward for each and every one of us.”

In helping others achieve their goal of living a worthy life, I all too often find people are haunted by their own stories. As one writer comments: “She never forgets that real, flawed, vulnerable humans are the ones creating the stories.” I now appreciate that each of us has a thin veil between the lives we show to others and the demons waiting inside.

You are not changed through your successes. Disasters and crisis, adversity and loss, disappointment and hurt define your potential to transform.

The Universal Story teaches that around the next bend or next hurdle or next chapter awaits our triumph. I enjoy serving as a transformational guide in this universal story of renewal and meaning that runs beneath the drama of our lives–in the ebb and flow toward change and transformation. 


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