Finishing and Writing “The End”

I've been writing plot books for writers for twelve years. Twelve is a powerful number in our everyday lives. We divide the year into 12 months. Day is 12 hours. Night is 12 hours. Come to find out, to many, the number 12 symbolizes "the completed cycle of experience." A completed cycle of experience, finishing and writing "the end", letting go, the realization of a goal, the recognition of an accomplishment is exactly how I've been feeling since early April when Writing Blockbuster Plots came … [Read more...]

How to Refine Your Novel: Plot at the Word Level

As I was taking my written and revised and rewritten novel through multiple final steps to refine each scene and consider the impact of the words I chose, I found myself constantly wanting to share what I was finding helpful in how to refine your novel and plot at the word level. Daily, I discovered meaningful insights through new strategies and twisting old strategies in new ways to create plot at the word level. Each time I had the immediate urge to hop on social media or write a post. The … [Read more...]

How to Plot 2 Protagonists in a Novel

I have until Friday to catch up on everything I put on hold when I got serious about resurrecting my novel in late March and invited you to join in and Resurrect that Novel.  A few weeks ago, Jade emailed me a great question lots of writers grapple with -- How to Plot 2 Protagonists in a Novel. I thought I'd share her question and my answer here with you. "I am deep in your Writing Deep Scenes. I just have one question: if my novel has POVs from both the heroine and hero equally, does this … [Read more...]

Help Name My New Novel

I need your help naming my new novel. I love both of the working titles I've been using for different reasons. They each have thematic significance and I can't decide between them. Help name my new novel and win the plot book of your choice (see below). The Boy with the Magic Touch: A Love StoryORParallel Lives: A Love Story Without giving you the concept (coming later), I'd like your spontaneous reaction simply to the title alone.  Win the Book of your Choice To win the book of your choice … [Read more...]

Behind the Scenes — Scene Types


As I explained in my introductory blog post Resurrect that Novel for the new program I'm developing -- Behind the Scenes, designed as a final check for plot at the word level -- we're analyzing both 1) the word level within each scene, testing for the 7 essential elements of plot in each scene using my newest book Writing Blockbuster Plots 2) the scene level by identifying each scene type with the help of Writing Deep Scenes   Behind the Scenes - Emotion (Step #1) and Behind the … [Read more...]

Behind the Scenes — Conflict


In Step One of Behind the Scene: Plot at the Sentence and Scene Level, we were looking for verbs depicting the characters’ actions and nonverbal behaviors as fleeting physical emotional responses through body language. Moments of intense conflict, tension, suspense or curiosity when shown through the character's behavior and actions in scene allow us visceral access to what the character is thinking and internalizing. A character is always communicating emotion in one way or another. At this … [Read more...]