Creativity A Form of Mindful Meditation

If you’ve ever embarked on a creative project, you've likely experienced moments of pure joy. Some may even call the experience a sense of higher consciousness. In other words, creativity seems to pour from you. In these moments of creative flow, you're experiencing creativity as a form of mindful meditation. Creativity engages our imagination. Turning new and imaginative ideas into reality frees us from the constraints of everyday life. Creativity allows us to access a part of ourselves that is … [Read more...]

Haven’t You Finished that Novel Yet?

“I haven’t seen you in forever. Where've you been?” “I’ve been writing.” “Writing? Haven’t you finished that novel yet?” “I only have another 60 pages left to write and I’ll--” “I thought you said you were finished months ago. What’s taking so long?” “Oh, well, back then, I'd finished writing the rough draft of my novel. Since then I revised it.” “So, in 60 pages, you’ll finally be done writing?” “Well…. no… not exactly.” “What does that mean?” “I’m going to edit what I’ve … [Read more...]

Renew Refresh Recommit to Your Creativity Goals

Beginnings promise something new. The excitement you feel at the beginning of a new year, starting a new novel, beginning NaNoWriMo, attempting any new creative project activates your energy and gets you moving. Then, at some point, for some sooner than later, your initial exhileration turns into a dizzying dance of ebb and flow. The deeper you travel toward your creativity goal, the more setbacks you face. You learn what you know and what you don't know, how you respond to disappointment and … [Read more...]

All Creatives Benefit from NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. Started years ago by Chris Baly, author of No Plot, No Problem, the yearlong writing marathon has grown into an international happening. Created as a literary event for hard-core writing (though the two do seem a bit of an oxomoron), NaNoWriMo can be used by creatives of every ilk. So long as you use a bit of imagination, all creatives benefit from NaNoWriMo. Tight Deadline Most writers know about NaNoWriMo. Many have used November to … [Read more...]

Women Writers: A Critical and Overlooked Plot

Thematically linked inner plots and outer plots create dynamic stories. An inner plot is also known as the Character Emotional Development (CED) plot. The outer plot is the Dramatic Action (DA) plot. There is another plot category beyond the traditional. The one I'm thinking of lies deeper than the inner plot. Women writers a critical and overlooked plot came to me when my iphone exploded with a rash of grisly news headlines about men’s brutality toward women and children. I call this critical … [Read more...]

A Love Letter to Writers

In surveys and consultations, writers and creatives openly share their fears and insecurities. This is a love letter to writers and anyone plagued with self-doubt, emotional traps and other creative blocks.  Is My Story Silly? She asks if her ideas, her story is silly. I can't answer that for her. Only she can. I see her as a miracle, a jewel, a precious creation. How can anything silly come out of that? What I hear? Self-doubt and limiting self-beliefs likely based in criticism heard and … [Read more...]