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Oleander+Girl+Paperback+Jacket“I ran out of paper taking notes!”
Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni 
award-winning New York Times bestselling author
Oleander Girl and One Amazing Thing

Megg Jensen“…I always tell people to read The Plot Whisperer by Martha Alderson. It really changed how I look at plotting.” Megg Jensen two-time USA Today bestselling author of Dragonlands series

“Martha somehow creates a method in which the structure is built—-without losing the art.” Kathleen Duey best-selling author nominated for the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature and the Locus Award for Best Young-Adult Book

236a3384280d73fdb7044ba81368ee25“The project you helped me with, Talhotblond, aired on MSNBC and was purchased by a major studio for distribution. I walked away from your seminar not only 
more confident, and with a great roadmap, 
but with a burst of creativity that I haven’t felt in a long time. 
Martha Alderson’s advice really is like a secret weapon.” 
Barbara Schroeder, writer/director of Talhotblond

“I got some stimulating new ideas from you as well as much needed validation. Thank you. Thank you.” Nnegest Likke writer/director of Phat Girlz

Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown“Thanks for all you do —
you’ve helped me through some tough times.”
Eleanor Brown author of the
New York Times bestselling
Weird Sisters

“Marvelous! Very helpful, practical, insightful.” James Scott Bell bestselling and award winning suspense writer author of Blind Justice.

Screwed Kendall Ryan“When I began writing I searched for helpful craft books, writing courses,
and thoughtful advice to help me grow. I found Martha Alderson’s plotting series this way, and
now I tell all writers looking for
exceptional guidance to check out her plotting series. Extremely helpful.”
Kendall Ryan
New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today
bestselling romance author Screwed


“You are my primary go-to for plotting!!” Janet Fox author of Sirens, Faithful and Forgiven

“I don’t work from an outline initially, but once the story is written, I’ll go back and
make a rough outline of what I have, just to make
sure the order of the scenes makes sense. It’s a technique I learned
from the plot whisper Martha Alderson.”
Jen Doktorski author How My Summer Went Up in Flames

 “A big thanks, as always, to Martha Alderson’s book The Plot Whisperer. I cannot plot without it. Thanks for engaging my left brain when my right wants to run the show. :)” Megg Jensen USA Today bestselling author of high fantasy Dragonland series


“Plot problems? Turn to Martha Alderson!
She’s wonderful.” 
Katherine Applegate 
Newbery Award winner and author of The One and Only Ivan

“I love Martha’s plot planning. It works!”Adrienne Barbeau, actress and author of There are Worse Things I Could Do

1106271“Few writing teachers understand the subtleties of plot as deeply,
or can explain them as clearly as Martha Alderson.
Her plot book is that rarest of writing tools — one that will not only add life and sparkle to your plot, but also unleashes
the magic that lies at the core of your story. A must have.” Frank Baldwin screenwriter and author of Balling the Jake and Jake & Mimi

“I used your plot system when I wrote my manuscript Moonflower. Thank you so much for this system!!!” Angela Townsend author of Moonflower and two motion picture based on her novels 

“Thank you thank you thank you! Honestly, what a gift you’re offering us.” Holly Payne, award-winning author of the New York Times best-seller The Virgin’s Knot and The Sound of Blue and Damascena: The Tale of Roses and Rumi

992c43bec276fb76f78129ceb3e4d029“I was able to hold the thread together because I knew what I was doing.
Thank you for that!”
Sharon Biggs Waller, author of A Mad Wicked Folly

“Martha is a plot genius. She takes on my work as if it were hers, but with the perspective of an outsider, allowing me to pin-point problems I might never notice. She is fabulous to work with!” Kathleen Shoop, author of After the Fog and The Last Letter

“Martha’s gentle questions about motivations and theme led me deeper into my story. Looking for clues in the characters led to intersections with other characters, plot complications and best of all, conflict. Martha’s keen insights about the structure of plot helped me better understand the story I was telling and gave the tools I needed to write it, in a new and exciting way.” Terri Thayer, mystery author of  Wild Goose Chase and Stamped Out

“Lasting gratitude to Blockbuster Plots, invaluable in getting my thoughts into book form.” Shreve Stockton, author of the best-selling Daily Coyote

Mr. Perfect“[I use] a graph that I learned from a book called the Plot Whisperer. That’s how I learned to plot is from that book.” “JA Huss is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Mr. Perfect series and more than twenty romances. 

“I can’t recommend this book or these workshops enough. I’ve used the [Plot Whisperer] workbook over and over as I plot out my books. And though I would still love to learn more from this lady, what I gained from just one workbook was invaluable.” Erin Fry author of Losing It 

 “Taking your class several years ago was integral in improving my craft as a writer and I want to make sure you know that this has been an important part of the success I’ve finally attained. My agent got me a two-book deal with St. Martin’s Press! It’s so exciting as it’s hard to believe this is finally happening.” Wendy Tokunaga, author of  Midori by Moonlight and Love in Translation

codebusterspiratetreasure“I’ve taken your course, of course, and found it enormously helpful. In fact, I take your course at conferences every chance I get. Thanks, Martha!
I couldn’t do it without your help!” 
Penny Warner, award-winning mystery author of more than 50 books including  
The Official Nancy Drew Handbook and Dead Man’s Hand.

“I cannot stress how Martha’s emphasis on the external aspect of plot drove home to me the inherent necessity for a clear plot if the story is not only to hang together and make sense, but have meaning, too.”Anjuelle Floyd, author of Keeper of Secrets

“The Plot Whisper helped me wrestle this complex story into shape, as well as helped me identify what had to happen in the sequel. Thanks, Martha!” Catherine Linka award-winning author of A Girl Called Fearless

MademoiselleChanel“Martha offers writers terrific plot and writing technique workshops.
Check her out!”
Christopher Gortner,
epic historical novelist of The Last Queen