The Plot Whisperer Workbook

The Plot Whisperer Workbook: Step-by-Step Exercises to Help You Create Compelling Stories is the second book in the Plot Whisperer series and companion workbook for The Plot Whisperer: Secrets of Story Structure Any Writer Can Master. Turn lackluster plots into irresistible stories! This writing workbook covers everything from constructing spirited action and compelling characters to establishing an unforgettable ending. Develop a successful narrative though a series of exercises.

The Plot Whisperer Workbook

Plot Whisperer Workbook

  • You have lots of ideas but haven’t started writing?
    • This workbook will spark your imagination and guide you through the necessary steps to create a story with a plot
  • In the middle of your story and floundering?
  • Finished your story and want to test it before sharing it with your critique group or beta-readers?
    • Take your story through the exercises in the workbook to deepen and finese your action, characters, and theme

The Workbook Covers:

Thematic Significance

When the dramatic action transform the character over time, a story becomes thematically significant.

A story exists through characters and the actions they take, but at the same time it also represents something else. To grasp what else your story represents and to be fully aware of its thematic significance before you have written a draft or two is usually premature. Far better is to wait until you understand the deeper meaning of your piece.

When you do know what your story is about, every single decision you make in finessing a story from beginning to end becomes clearer, such as:

  • Which plot line is primary and which are subplots
  • What details to use to convey meaning
  • The perfect crisis and climax and resolution

Plot Planners

A Plot Planner represents the structure of the Universal Story. Within the Universal Story certain events occur, each at their proper time. These events are marked within that story by what I have called Energetic Markers; these markers create a rhythm and balance to the Universal Story’s structure. Once you understand that structure you have the freedom to do anything with your writing.

The object of the exercises we’re doing in this book is to line up the complete sequence of the story on a Plot Planner so that you can view the bigger picture of your story in its entirety.

Plot Planners for your story are included in the workbook.

Four Energetic Markers

Energetic Markers are four scenes or moments in the Universal Story that carry energetic surges powerful enough to turn the dramatic action of the story in a new direction, create a whole new level of intensity in the story, and contribute to its thematic significance. It’s important, therefore, whenever possible, to identify these four energetic markers early in the writing process.

The Plot Whisperer Workbook helps you identify and deepen these moments in your novel, memoir, screenplay.

7 Essential Elements of Scene

A Scene Tracker is the place to keep track of all the threads of the character emotional development plot, the dramatic action plot and thematic significance plot, and points to how to deepen and expand every scene.

After you have generated and written many more scenes in the first draft of your story than needed, for any story, a Scene Tracker can show you which scenes to keep and which ones to cut.

Filling out a Scene Tracker is not writing a story. Writing words is. However, filling out a Scene Tracker supports you in writing the words of your story. 

Scene Trackers for your story are included in the workbook.

Go-To Guide

Filled with essential advice and writing exercises, The Plot Whisperer Workbook will quickly become your go-to guide for crafting a tale worthy of the bestseller list!