Two Summer Writing Workshops for Novels and Picture Books

Join Literary Agent Jill Corcoran and me for one or both of two summer writing workshops for novels and picture books. Both workshops will take place on-line so wherever you are in the world, join us from the comfort of your own home.  1) Novel Writing Intensive - Middle Grade, Young Adult, Adult All Genres All writing levels Intensive limited to 8 writers 8 Weeks In this 8-week on-line program, Jill and I will provide feedback as you develop/refine your novel concept, characters, … [Read more...]

Plan Now for 2018

Curious, I asked on Facebook: Looking back over 2017, have you achieved your writing [creativity] goals for the year? Sadly, lots of people are responding no. Perhaps goals were too lofty? Maybe actions too limited? Could be the result of a combination of the two. (to comment about your yearly goals, click here) For a better outcome next year, plan now for 2018. First Assess 2017  How did you do with your 2017 goals and resolutions and intentions? Consider all your goals creativity … [Read more...]

End of the Year Book Giveaway!

In gratitude for an energizing and exciting 2017 and everyone's love and support this year, I'm offering an end of the year book giveaway! Keep the Joy Flowing Last month's NaNoWriMo book giveaway brought me chuckles and warm feelings -- so much so... I'm inspired to keep the joy flowing. I have extra copies of all my books. They'd rather come alive in your hands than stuck in a box. Win! And, give a book a good home. Oh, and you'll deepen your understanding of plot and scene, too, or … [Read more...]

As Your Protagonist Gains Strength, So Do You

With a few days left of NaNoWriMo and only weeks left of 2017, now is a great time to think again about your protagonist's ultimate change or transformation. The Universal Story demand transformation. The more aspects of the protagonist’s change you show in scene as her transformation unfolds, the better you demonstrate the depth and breadth of her change. In turn, your novel becomes deeper and wider. As your protagonist changes, she gains strength. So have you. Writing a story from beginning to … [Read more...]

This is No Time for Your Protagonist or You to Give Up

As you approach the three quarter mark of your story, do not succumb to a personal crisis as your protagonist reaches her darkest moment. You're beginning to doubt yourself? Evoke the emotion you're feeling in your writing. Your story feels a mess? Use your feelings to bring depth to your protagonists emotions. Everyday brings new challenges until you're ready to give up? This is what your protagonist should be feeling. You wonder what's the point? Thanksgiving is calling you out of your writing … [Read more...]

NaNoWriMo Book Giveaway

Frantically writing to keep your word count high during NaNoWriMo? Desperate to finish your novel by year's end? I'm here to help keep your passion and the fire to succeed roaring. It's not too late to achieve your 2017 writing goals! Help is on its way! In the spirit of supporting you in achieving your writing goals and replacing struggle and angst with flow and joy, I'm offering a NaNoWriMo Book Giveaway. The Dark Middle Due to deadlines, I missed sending out pre-plotting help for NaNoWriMo. … [Read more...]