Beginning or Finishing? Which is Harder?

Perhaps I should have included the middle, too -- Beginning, Slogging through the Middle or Finishing? What is the hardest? Responses on Twitter unanimously agree. Finishing is the hardest. Reaching the end. The realization of a goal. Fulfillment. Completion. Seize the prize. From a creative point-of-view, an outer cause for the difficulty is confusion over technique and/or what each part symbolizes themetically and archetypially. An inner cause from a spiritual point-of-view is ego. Attachment … [Read more...]

The Connection between Sensitivity and Creativity

As writers and creatives, we're often interrupted by life. We’re energetically in the creative zone and suddenly an emergency strikes. Our child, father, dog gets sick and needs help. The hose springs a leak. There’s a knock at the door. The electricity goes out. Our spouse invites us to lunch. A friend needs a shoulder to cry on. Being compassionate and sensitive to the needs of others, we respond. The child, father, dog, hose, electricity, spouse, and friend represent external antagonists. No, … [Read more...]

Plot a Publishing Plan – Step Three

Are you feeling overwhelmed? I am. No surprise overwhelm hits upon leaving the beginning -- step one and step two -- of this plot a publishing plan. Step three sends us into the middle of the program. And we all know what happens in the middle of the Universal Story! Suddenly, I'm faced with how much I don't know. I love writing. I love teaching. Independent publishing? Not so much. Honestly, not at all. But... I set myself a goal. And I do believe inspiration appears with a purpose. We learn … [Read more...]

Plot a Publishing Plan – Step Two

Reviewing Plot a Publishing Plan -- Step One, I'm not surprised the first month in my four month publishing plan is nearly spent. Set-up, organization, and committing to a deadline take time and thought. As part of step one, I passed The Avenue to my brilliant editor. He set himself a deadline of no later than two months. With the manuscript off my mind, inspiration turns to Plot a Publishing Plan - Step Two. Brainstorm Brainstorm goals you have for your Plot a Publishing Plan. Are you … [Read more...]

Plot a Publishing Plan – Step One

Step One to plot a publishing plan -- any plan for that matter -- is organization. Start with the manuscript you plan to publish. Whether going the traditional route or indie, you're well served with a clean, well-edited manuscript. I learned that very soon after I independently published my first novel. Shoddy editing interferes with the reader's ability to fully sink into your story dream. Every misspelling and awkward sentence structure is a reminder they're reading a story. Give your story … [Read more...]

Putting Your Novel Out There

When I fell in love with writing fiction, I fell hard. I sold my clinic for children with speech, language, and learning disabilities. I said good-bye to the kids and their parents and teachers, the five therapists working for me and one psychologist on staff. No more euphoric moments watching the children's joy in their accomplishments. Gone with the power lunches with principals of private schools. No need for the latest fashions picked out by a personal shopper or -- new at the time -- my car … [Read more...]