Before the Next Draft: Revision


Finished a draft of your novel, memoir, screenplay? Next, rather than simply rewrite, first revise. Revision is a critical step before rewriting a next draft. Let Before the Next Draft: 26 Plot Steps to Revision Plot eBook help you revision your work. Before the next draft revision.


“Overs” in a Game You Believe You’ve Lost

A major revision is like overs in a game you believe you have already lost.

Before the Next Draft eBook is designed for novelists, screenwriters, and memoirists who are ready to push aside the words to reveal the deeper plot and structure of your story. This eBook is for anyone who wishes to revise a draft of your story before undertaking a major rewrite with an eye on

  • plot and structure
  • character emotional development
  • thematic significance
  • all seven essential elements of scene
Plot Revision Ebook

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26 Plot Steps to Superior Plots

Before the Next Draft eBook is based on PlotWriMo: a program Martha beta-tested for 6 years for writers word-drunk from NaNoWriMo and ready to shape all those words into a pleasing form for their readers. Before the Next Draft eBook offers concrete tips for revisioning your story by creating complex characters, compelling dramatic action and rich thematic details and depth.

The ebook is filled with examples and visual aides that “show” how to create plot at the overall story level and the scene level and guides you to brainstorm plot, character and thematic elements to ignite your story.


Character Emotional Development Profile form
The 7 Key Scenes in Every Great Story
Developing Thematic Significance
Plot Planner template with “above” and “below” scene descriptions
Essential elements for the Beginning, the Middle, and the End of your novel, screenplay, and memoir
Cause and Effect
Creating Powerful Scenes
A Blueprint for Dramatic Action



“If you don’t know what PlotWriMo is, I highly recommend it before you start your next draft.” —Sara Fujimura author of YA Historical and Contemporary Fiction

“Thanks to PlotWriMo and the Plot Whisperer I now know exactly what’s going to happen in the middle of my work-in-progress. Hoorah!” S. K. Falls IPPY Award-winner and author of One Last Song

“Most progress I’ve made!” DJ Lane

“Now that NaNoWriMo is over, whip the plot into shape with the Plot Whisperer and PlotWriMo” SCBWI Houston

“Progress, progress! Thank you Plot Whisperer for PlotWriMo and The Plot Whisperer Book of Writing Prompts. Today I write!” Aria Grayson

More Testimonials

“Got plot holes? Let Plot Whisperer and her PlotWriMo tips help you learn how to fill them. Plotting the middle. Do you know how to avoid a saggy middle. I do now. Thanks to the Plot Whisperer and PlotWriMo.” Catrina Barton

“PlotWriMo is the brainchild of The Plot Whisperer. Authors around the world are revising their plot!” MagicalPowerofStory

“Just completed my first set of exercises for PlotWriMo. Already getting good ideas for rewriting my novel.” Alastair J R Ball

“If it is possible, I love my story even more after working through PlotWriMo from the Plot Whisperer. Writing is awesome.” Amy Mortiz

“I might have become the world’s biggest PlotWriMo fan. Thanks to YOU for inventing it! Plot Whisperer.” Kip Wilson Rechea

“Taking the PlotWriMo challenge to read 1st draft without making notes is like having hands tied while team of toddlers is let loose in my house with spray paint.” Jordan E. Rosenfeld

“You can crack tough plot problems. One resource: Plot Whisperer PlotWriMo tips, prompts, links & inspiration.” Sharon Abra Hanen

Following Plot Whisperer’s PlotWriMo to fix my plot problems and make my stories shine!” Lois Eighmy

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