How to Plot for Romance Writers



How to Plot for Romance Writers eBook — the next in the Blockbuster Plots line of plot books for writers.

Especially for romance writers, this plot ebook shows romance writers how to produce superior plots. The Plot Planner and Scene Tracker plot tools are demonstrated for romance writers. See how it’s done with scenes from Christine Dodd’s Candle in the Window and Kathryn Dennis’ Dark Rider. Pre-plot your novel using the 4 Energetic Markers in all great love stories.  As a result, when you write your scenes, you’ll discover your strengths and weakness. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to integrate the 7 essential elements in all your scenes. 

How to Plot for Romance Writers eBook

Learn concrete tips and follow step-by-step support in creating

  • a compelling romance
  • complex characters
  • exciting dramatic action
  • thematic details
  • depth and character transformation

    Overall Story Level & Scene Level

    The plot ebook for romance writers is filled with visual aides that “show” how to create plot at the overall story level and the scene level.

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    Character Emotional Development Profile form
    Character Profile for Saura in Candle in the Window by Christina Dodd
    Plot Planner template with “above” and “below” scene descriptions
    Plot Planner for Candle in the Window by Christine Dodd
    Scene Tracker for Chapters 1 – 3 of Dark Rider by Kathrynn Dennis
    Scene Tracker for 3 Major Scenes of Candle in the Window by Christina Dodd

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