Blockbuster Plots Pure & Simple: Take the Panic Out of Plot

Are You Confused About Plot? You are not alone! Blockbuster Plots Pure & Simple: Take the Panic Out of Plot presents step-by-step strategies that demystify the structure of story.


Want to maximize your scenes and provide depth to your stories? This is the book for you. Discover how to create sizzling scenes and a multi-layered plot for your screenplay, novel, memoir, children’s or young adult novel. Blockbuster Plots Pure & Simple: Take the Panic Out of Plot is the original reference book takes you step-by-step through the building of both a:

  • Scene Tracker to track all your scenes for the 7 essential elements of scene 
  • Plot Planner to plan your plot

Whether you write novels, memoirs, short stories or creative non-fiction, you will benefit from a visual represenation of the scenes and plot of your project. Track the 7 most important elements of a scene on a Scene Tracker. Use the Plot Planner to develop a multi-layered plotline for your individual project. Examples using scenes written by classic and contemporary writers such as Twain, McCarthy, London, Fitch, Chopin, and Letts.

Discover How Easy It Is 

Link scenes through Cause and Effect
Determine which scenes are flat and why
Set up tension, conflict and suspense
Develop complex characters
Establish compelling action
Re-vision your rewrites
Clarify your theme
Deepen and expand your narrative



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“Few writers teachers understand the subtleties of plot as deeply, or can explain them as clearly. A must have.” — Frank Baldwin, author of Balling the Jack and Jake& Mimi

“This book will change your approach to writing! If you only buy one writing book this year, buy BLOCKBUSTER PLOTS!” — Melanie Rigney, former Writers Digest Magazine editor. May, 2004

A good-looking, important book for writers. — Literary Agent, Kimberely Cameron 7/15/05

Any writer seeking to produce not just acceptable but superior works must have this guide. — Midwest Book Review 10/1/05

If you only buy one writing book this year, buy BLOCKBUSTER PLOTS! — Writer’s Digest Magazine editor Melanie Rigney 5/1/04

The appendices alone are worth the price of the book! — Alderson-Broaddus College’s Division of Humanities, Barbara Smith 6/1/05

The unique Scene Tracker and Plot Planner system is guaranteed to help writers master this elusive craft. — McGraw-Hill 9/1/05

An exciting new approach to understanding plot from writing expert, Martha Alderson, M.A., the unique Scene Tracker and Plot Planner system is guaranteed to help writers master this elusive craft. About the Book For most writers, the most difficult part of the writing process is the inability to see the forest for the trees. Blockbuster Plots dedicates itself to the structure of plot and has already helped hundreds of novelists, memoirists, and creative non-fiction writers master this elusive craft. Written by an educational expert and award-winning novelist, Blockbuster Plots offers writers a firm understanding of scene, and presents techniques that will help them develop a winning storyline. Introducing two innovative tools—the Scene Tracker and Plot Planner—the author shows writers how to create a visual representation of the layers of their story and consequently see what’s missing, and anticipate their characters’ every move, so that the dramatic action doesn’t peter off into the seductive wiles of detail. By effectively demonstrating the relationship between plot and scene and explaining the art of story design, Blockbuster Plots offers writers proven techniques for creating more focused and balanced plotlines.

Features Unique in the marketplace: no other fiction writing guide offers tools like the Scene Tracker and Plot Planner.

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