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4 unique on-line video courses for writers and anyone ready to embrace more creativity and passion in your life. Start today in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace! Learn tips and short-cuts to immediately change the way you write and revise and life live your life.

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27-Step Tutorial:

Learn how to plot that novel, memoir, screenplay you’ve always wanted to write TODAY! From the comfort of your own home and tailored to your own individual schedule and at a pace that best facilities your learning, How Do I Plot a Novel, Memoir, Screenplay? writers on-line video course demonstrates how to plot the action, emotion and meaning in all great stories.

With the help of 7 hours of direct instruction and 81 exercises, turn inspiration into a story with a plot. Each video guides you sequentially through each step in creating a compelling story with a plot from beginning to end. Your stories and your writing will never be the same.

When the dramatic action in a story
changes a character over time, 
a story becomes meaningful

 How Do I Plot a Novel, Memoir, Screenplay? is for any writer interested in creating the plot and design for a novel, memoir, screenplay.

Are story ideas rolling around in your mind?
Do characters hound you to write their stories?

How Do I Plot a Novel, Memoir, Screenplay? provides 7 hours of instruction, 81 exercises and all the steps and support you need to write a story with a plot from beginning to end. (Homework packets are available for purchase to anyone viewing the video program).

  • Dramatic action plot (outer plot) 
  • Character emotional development plot (inner plot)
  • Thematic significance (meaning)  

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(NOTE: after you pay, you’ll receive an email with a link to a private page + password needed to view the video course. Happy Plotting!) 

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Plot Whisperer Martha Alderson’s

with Literary Agent Jill Corcoran

In this 8 Video (5.5 hours) video course, Plot Expert, Martha Alderson aka Plot Whisperer and Literary Agent Jill Corcoran provide step-by-step instruction on how to revise your novel, memoir, screenplay for a stronger and more promising story.

  • View your story in an entirely new light
  • Recharge your energy and enthusiasm for your writing
  • 8 videos (5.5 hours)+ 30 exercises

1st draft you let yourself write any old way.
Now, with the help of Revise Your Novel in a Month,
revise your story from every angle

  • Concept
  • Structure and Design
  • Tension and Conflict
  • Character Growth and Transformation
  • Pacing
  • Cause and Effect
  • Meaning
  • Hook
  • Polish
  • Prose

To complete the course in a month, watch 2 videos a week. Work at your own pace and take more or less time on the step-by-step revision exercises. You set your own revision pace as you explore and complete each video exercise based on your individual needs in preparation for a major rewrite.

For details about PlotWriMo Revise Your Novel in a Month, go HERE

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with Plot Whisperer Martha Alderson and
Literary Agent Jill Corcoran


Picture Books have plots and follow the same design pattern that all stories do.

 Work with Plot Whisperer Martha Alderson and
Literary Agent Jill Corcoran to develop your picture book.




Learn how to write your query and
Submit your work to picture book agents and editors

For details about the picture book video series, read HERE


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How to Embrace the Infinite Wisdom of the Universal Story and Transform Your Own Unique Creative Expression The Plot Whisperer Way

The Spiritual Guide for Writers online video course is for anyone ready to transform your life and
seize your dreams

In the same way Plot Whisperer Martha Alderson guides writers to stand back from all the words of their novels, memoirs and screenplays to see the deeper meaning of their stories, she teaches people how to stand back from the events surrounding you to see into the very heart of your life.

This 22 Video (7.5 hour) online course Secrets of Personal Transformation: A Spiritual Guide for Writers provides 82 step-by-step exercises designed to bring more passion and vitality to your writing and your life (exercise guides are available for purchase to anyone viewing the video program). Rediscover your dreams and desires.
  • Step away from the drama swirling in life
  • Understand how your own personal story alignes with the Universal Story
  • Appreciate the forces both supporting and interfering with your success
  • Recognize the deeper meaning behind your reaction to situations
  • Identify the significance of friends and foes in your life
  • Discover how you trip yourself up
Evaluate where you are now in the Universal Story
Decide where you’d like to be
Learn how to arrive there joyfully

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(NOTE: after you pay, you’ll receive an email with a link to a private page + password needed to view the video course.)