Thank Your Imagination

Thank your imaginationIdeas pop and boom like exploding fireworks in the writer’s mind. Untethered, a wild imagination flits every which way with no defined borders and no true beginning, middle and end. In plot consultations, highly imaginative writers unwittingly compound the difficulty of arranging ideas into a story with a plot. Laughing excuses. Dismissing bizarre characters. Discounting weird plot twists. Shrugging off unconventional themes, fantastical pairings, and real emotions in unreal situations. Instead, thank your creativity and your originality. Thank your imagination. 

Coaxing ideas out of writers who don’t believe in their own brilliance takes precious time. Finally extracting major turning pointing only to learn of a wild scheme she withheld takes precious time. The idea she shares at the end and that makes all the difference needs precious time. Rather than hold back, be audacious. Stand up for your imagination. Boldly express your vision. 

Your Imagination

Imagination tends to be shy. They hate being bullied. If the air is tense and the mind critical, creativity withers and fades like a wallflower. Freshness blossoms and thrives in open and free environments. Surf. Take a walk on the beach. Or, concentrate all your negativity from a perceived bad day of writing into scrubbing the floor. Suddenly you begin imagining a creative way to link some of zanier vignettes through cause and effect. Fully embrace the ideas that flow so freely into your imagination. Leave the floor a soapy mess. Run for a napkin or scrap of paper.

A Valuable Treasure

Feeling embarrassed and judgmental about the schemes and notions that tumble into your consciousness comes out of fear. Fearful of being different, rejected, too wild, left out, not good enough unconsciously kicks aside a very valuable treasure. A treasure some writers are desperate for — an imagination. 

Thank Your Imagination

Imaginations are uncomplaining and understanding. They just want to have fun. So, the next time you find yourself laughing off a particularly quirky concept, or saying “it’s just something crazy I made up”, or excusing any part of your writing — or yourself — as silly, stop talking (or thinking to yourself). Take a silent (or not so silent) moment of apology. Offer your individuality your profuse thanks.

The only way to write a story with a plot from beginning to end
is through your imagination.

You imagined yourself a writer, and so you are… a writer.

Everyday thank your imagination.


Coming in September!

novelwritingI ‘m excited to announce Novel Writing Intensive on-line workshop. If you haven’t started or finished a draft of a middle grade, young adult, or adult novel in order to join me in the revision program, I invite you to the new online class I’ve put together with Literary Agent Jill Corcoran. 

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In this 8-week on-line program, Plot Whisperer Martha Alderson and Literary Agent Jill Corcoran provide constructive feedback as you develop/refine your novel concept, characters, plot, dialogue, dramatic action, emotional moments, and themes.

Tuesdays 10am – 12:30pm Pacific/1pm – 3:30pm Eastern
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Weekly 2 1/2 hours Discussion based on assigned homework and feedback from both Martha and Jill that apply to your individual plot and novel elements for a total of 8 Discussion sessions.

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