Spiritual Guide Writers


Spiritual Guide Writers
Embrace the Infinite Wisdom of the
Universal Story and Transform Your Own
Unique Creative Expression the Plot Whisperer Way

(also known as)

Secrets of
Personal Transformation

Writers benefit from an openness to the
impossible and
the astounding
and even what could be viewed as
highly improbable and
Looking for more creativity, imagination and joy? The Spiritual Guide for Writers / Secrets of Personal Transformation on-line video course is for you! From the comfort of your own home and tailored to your own individual schedule and at a pace that best facilitates your learning, Spiritual Guide Writers on-line video course offers 7.5 hours of direct instruction and guidance and 82 exercises. Each video guides you sequentially through each step in creating the life of your dreams. Evaluate where you are now in the Universal Story, where you’d like to be and how to arrive there joyfully.
“Have to say the Spiritual videos totally rock! Who would have thought that we all have Energetic Markers in our lives over and over. Thank you Martha Alderson for your incredible insight and compassion.” Evelyn K. Pentikis
In the same way I guide writers
to stand back from all the words of their novels, memoirs and screenplays and
discover the deeper meaning of their stories, 
I guide people to stand back from the events surrounding you to
see into the very heart of your life. 
“Your Spiritual Guide has helped me in so many areas of my life – the pink notebook I take notes and write down reflections in is like a wisdom-filled Life Map & Trail Journal all rolled into one.” Cecile Somers

Follow this 22 Video (7.5 hour) Spiritual Guide Writers online course and step-by-step exercises designed to bring more passion and vitality to your writing and your life. A total of 82 exercises guide you to understand how the dramatic action in your life changes you in significant ways and always points to transformation. See your life from a completely new perspective. Find more peace, energy and a renewed sense of the miraculous. Learn how to stay connected to your inner journey, while on the outer journey of fulfilling your goals and dreams. 

“I was skeptical but now startled at what I’m seeing and learning.” Jane Moore

Skim all the videos in the course first and then go back for in-depth participation.
Complete multiple exercises in a day
Take your time and spread the exercises out over several days
Consider every angle of the exercises

“A remarkable program — and such a gift to the world.” Elaine Taylor

Energetic markers and signs along the Universal Story point you toward self-transformation.

  • Step away from the drama swirling in life
  • Understand how your own personal story aligns with the Universal Story
  • Appreciate the forces both supporting and interfering with your success
  • Recognize the deeper meaning behind your reaction to situations
  • Identify the significance of friends and foes in your life
  • Discover how you trip yourself up

“As I get deeper into the spiritual guide, I feel like I should cut you a check for services rendered. Amazing.” Bonnie Dawson

Awareness of the Universal Story brings a more intense consciousness of:

  • your purpose
  • the words you speak
  • the schedules you create
  • your habits and behavior

“‪Wow! I hit something very deep in my heart today while writing my story. I’m so impressed with this program. You are taking me much deeper than I expected.” Ramona Denton‪ ‬

By the end of the course, you’ll have:

Renewed your enthusiasm for life
Sparked your creativity
Energized your passion
Reclaimed your belief in the miraculous

“Your presentation in the Spiritual Guide for Writers touched me deeply. It truly resonated with me and I just want to thank you for this.” Leah

Spiritual Guide Writers/ Secrets of Personal Transformation supports you in sparking your creativity.

I teach writers about the Universal Story to better see
the whole of your story and 
your life. Learn 
how each scene and 
each moment 
fit into the collective of the Universal Story 

To preview the course, feel free to watch the following video:

Step #1


“Just had to tell you I am IN LOVE with the Spiritual Guide for Writers videos. Bravo!!! I’ve been reviewing my notes from the first few videos, both How to Plot, and Spiritual Guide, and I found this in my notes that really resinated with me.

“She is going to be going after this goal, and she needs to change and transform over the course of the story in order to get what she wants in the end. She will NOT be able to get what she wants by STAYING who she was in the beginning.”

I LOVE THIS!!! This is so true for both a character and even myself being a mom, writer, builder, wife…me. In order to get what I really want- I will have to transform, and evolve into someone better, to dig deeper, and go where I have never gone before.” Kellyn Laeser

(NOTE: after you pay, you’ll receive an email with a link to a private page + password needed to view the video course. Enjoy!)