Scene Tracker Template


Scene Tracker Template & Plot Tutorial for the 7 Essential Elements of Scene

The Scene Tracker Template is designed for novelists, screenwriters, and memoirists. Track the plot layers of every scene with an eye on the 7 essential elements of scene. Create complex characters. Imagine compelling dramatic action. Form rich thematic details and depth. 

scene tracker templateScenes carry the weight of your plot. Check your scenes for the 7 essential elements of plot. The Scene Tracker helps you track your scenes as outlined in Writing Blockbuster Plots: A Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering Plot, Structure, and Scene and in the original Blockbuster Plots: Pure & Simple.

Included in the download is a brief explanation of how to use the Scene Tracker template. You’ll be tracking your scenes within minutes. A sample Scene Tracker using Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden has been filled out for you, Post-it notes and all.

Print scene trackers for your entire story. (Please note: You’ll be unable to save your work on your computer.)