Pre-Plot the Middle and End of Your Novel

Pre-plot the middle and end of your novel before your arrival – Makes for greater success in writing a novel, memoir, screenplay with a plot all the way to the end.


When pre-plotting your story, keep in mind that the middle is more than an exotic world of the antagonists and to create conflicts and challenges for the protagonist. Yes, the dilemmas and setbacks she endures in the middle provide drama and page-turnability.

The struggle to survive and go forward also hold the gifts of new skills and abilities that will serve her well at the climax as she begins to adapt her thinking to the demands of her new reality.

In resisting the changes required of her in the middle to succeed, she struggles. After the crisis / dark night around the 3/4 mark of the story, she becomes conscious of all that has come before. In that new light, she understands the strength and courage she’s gained in her suffering and the freedom afforded her.

Evaluate and Brainstorm

Evaluate scene ideas in the middle of your novel for:

  • Advice given
  • Clues shared
  • Lessons learned
  • Beliefs expanded
  • Abilities advanced
  • Strengthen developed

Mark those at the middle and end of your Plot Planner.

That way, when you reach the middle and beginning to flounder for depth and meaning in your writing, you’ll find these notes for scene expansion opportunities. And, when you finally reach the final quarter of the story, when you’re exhausted and spent, you’ll have scene ideas how best to show the integration of these new skills and beliefs.

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