Plan Now for 2018

Plan Now for 2018Curious, I asked on Facebook: Looking back over 2017, have you achieved your writing [creativity] goals for the year? Sadly, lots of people are responding no. Perhaps goals were too lofty? Maybe actions too limited? Could be the result of a combination of the two. (to comment about your yearly goals, click here) For a better outcome next year, plan now for 2018.

First Assess 2017 

How did you do with your 2017 goals and resolutions and intentions? Consider all your goals

  • creativity goals such as time spent writing, painting, or days surfing
  • transformational goals such as practicing more patience or tolerance or joy
  • spiritual goals such as acting in the manner that best represents the man/woman you want to be
  • internal goals such as enjoying every moment with full awareness and gratitude

As you view 2017 as a whole, divide the year into 4 equal parts. Consider what you achieved in each part of the year through the lens of the Universal Story. What time of the year were you the most energized? When were you the least productive? What set you back? What external or internal or both influences support your success?

Plan Now for 2018

Whether you achieved all your goals or feel like you’ve failed miserably, decide what you could have done differently to feel better about how the year is ending. If you easily attained all your goals, perhaps 2018 will be the year to dream bigger? If you failed to achieve what you intended, perhaps 2018 is the year to rein in your expectations of yourself while also scheduling in time and creating space for your goals.

List Creativity Goals

List creativity goals you imagine for 2018. Before the year begins, you’ll want to establish milestones to mark your progress. 

Projected ending date:

Daily plan: 


Prepare a place to perform the daily actions needed to achieve your 2018 goals. It should be somewhere in which you feel comfortable and centered and can marshal your thoughts and your energy. Pick a place where you’re not likely to be interrupted or distracted. Remember, creativity is what you want to do, so you need a space that can become you.

Organize your space. Purge and cleanse the space of everything but what is needed to preform your task. Create a Plot Planner of the Universal Story for the year or the month or whatever the time frame needed for your individual creative goals. Mark turning point goals at each of the 4 Energetic Markers. 

Use sticky notes to represent at least the first 21 days of January. 21 days to establish a new habit. 21 days to commit to short-term daily goals. For now simply start with the first 21 days. Make January 1st through the 21st days of passion, strength, and dedication.

Hang the Universal Story up for easy viewing. Keep extra sticky notes and a pen nearby.


Determine the optimum time to devote to your goals.

Consider carefully your daily life and obligations, and your personal best and most productive times of the day. Decide how much time you are willing to devote to your creativity and transformational goals. 

Now schedule on your 2018 calendar the days and time you plan to devote to your goals. Plan now for 2018.

By planning now and actually scheduling your creativity time in your calendar in pen, you’ll be more apt to stick to the schedule. Plus, when friends or family or work request/demand your time, you’ll more easily tell them the truth:

“I have a pre-arranged appointment at that time.
We’ll have to come up with another time.”

(Stand in front of a mirror and repeat the mantra 21 times!)

Without the pre-scheduled time, chances are much greater you’ll put yourself and your goals last, which invariably means you’ll not get to them.

Schedule yourself first. The habit itself creates miracles and mysteries. The more seriously you take your scheduled time for your creativity, the more seriously your family and friends honor your personal time, too. 
You have plenty of time to plan now for 2018. Time to daydream about how you’d like to more fully integrate creatively into your life & act more creatively. Dream big. Be audacious!

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