Parallel Lives: A Novel

Experience the 1960s first-hand through the eyes of a mute girl and a reckless boy who are haunted by the other and the lessons they each must learn to be united. A novel about parallel lives, the power of communication, and the redemptive fire of love set against time of cataclysmic change. 

Even as I uploaded the pdf for Parallel Lives A Novel on CreateSpace and Kindle I knew my historical novel needed work. So why did I publish the it in the shape it is in? Because, though the book wasn’t ready, I was. I knew if I didn’t push the button right then, I might never.

 Parallel Lives is highly autographical. Scenes and emotions in the book I’d never processed in real life, I attempted to make sense of through my writing. Like the protagonist in my historical novel, I was terrified of speaking up and owning my truth. Even now, I’m not so sure what I was frightened of — being found out, getting caught, hurt again. I also wonder why I chose my love story as my first published novel? I have plenty of others. Perhaps I just wanted to put the past behind me.

Just Do It

I’ve had agents. Received loads of promising feedback. Won literary awards. Have plenty of non-fiction books published by mainstream publishers. I never had my fiction published. Finally, I was ready to do what I had to to reach my dream. So I did. Soon after, feedback from readers confirmed what I already knew. The novel needed work. 

Paralell Lives ((A Novel of the 1960s))


After eight months with friend and senior editor at a major publishing house, Parallel Lives has the potential to be the novel I always knew it could be. Soon all the elements will come together to ensure the best possible reader experience. It will take work integrating his feedback, all very doable. I’m eager to begin.

I plan to republish the professionally edited Parallel Lives in Fall or Winter 2018. Perhaps with a new title? For sure with a new cover (I display both here. I’d love your feedback. Note: from feedback, I’m changing the carving on the strip of rawhide to look more like a wolf.). 

Parallel Lives novel

Parallel Lives A Novel

I leave up the current version on Amazon. Read the “before” version now so you can compare to the “after” when the time comes. 

Spanning 10 years across the ever-changing face of San Francisco when the great divide of economics and culture no longer kept people separated, no matter how different, Parallel Lives A Novel demonstrates that our chances for love and happiness are never truly over or used up. Success hangs on readiness and timing. 

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00034]Coming of age during the relative calm of the ’50s, Maj and Billy’s paths cross during the turbulent ’60s at pivotal historic moments as they each attempt to survive the edgy challenges of the great transition toward change. Now, as adults, before they can set out on their own, first they each must find and confront the unforgettable and mysterious other.

What if each of us is promised one wild and precious someone for a lifetime?
What if to seize this true love 
first both parties must undergo an arduous and dangerous journey separately? 
Would you?

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