NaNoWriMo Book Giveaway

Frantically writing to keep your word count high during NaNoWriMo? Desperate to finish your novel by year’s end? I’m here to help keep your passion and the fire to succeed roaring. It’s not too late to achieve your 2017 writing goals! Help is on its way! In the spirit of supporting you in achieving your writing goals and replacing struggle and angst with flow and joy, I’m offering a NaNoWriMo Book Giveaway.

The Dark Middle

Due to deadlines, I missed sending out pre-plotting help for NaNoWriMo. I also missed sending out any support for the beginning half of the writing marathon. Yet, now is the perfect time for support, and I’m here! Why is now the time you may be the most desperate for support? Because as of today, you move into Dark Middle. And what’s so hard about the Dark Middle other than its ominous name? This is the time your protagonist (and you) will suffer the most from the onslaught of antagonists. Also, you’re headed for the third and toughest and most devastating Energetic Marker in your entire story — the Dark Night (also called the Crisis).

NaNoWriMo Book GiveawayOf all my plot books and on-line video programs for writers, The Plot Whisperer Book of Writing Prompts may be just the resource you need not only to survive the Dark Middle of your story but to triumph. All too often, writers who take part in NaNoWriMo end the month with a whole lot of words and not much of a story. Instead, why not finish out the month with a rough draft of a novel with a plot? Thus, the prompts in this book are not like the usual writing prompts offered. Yes, writing merely for the sake of putting words to paper may produce a piece that is simply sublime. The prompts in this book are designed for you to follow scene-by-scene to the end of your own unique story with a plot. To test this premise, I recently successful wrote the entire first draft of The Avenue following the prompts.

How to Play Along with NaNoWriMo Book Giveaway

Knowing how busy you are writing, I appreciate that this may not be the best time for a NaNoWriMo book giveaway. All I ask of you is to tweet or Facebook or blog or in some way help me spread the word about the book giveaway. Just make sure I see your help.

Move me. Delight me. When I spot your help, I’ll include you in the random drawing for The Plot Whisperer Book of Writing Prompts. Since I’d like the book to get to you in time to help with your NaNo writing, I’ll award a book every couple of days for the remainder of November.  If you’re not racing through NaNoWriMo, the book will help you reach your writing goal of finishing by the end of 2017. Tickle my fancy. Spread the word. Play everyday and improve your chances of winning.

Calendar for the Remainder of the Month

To reach your goal by the end of the month, follow these guidelines:
11/16 —  11/22 Write the 2nd 1/2 of the Middle, also known as the Dark Middle
11/21 — Write the Crisis / Dark Night scene
11/23 — 11/28 Write the End 1/4
11/27 — Write the Climax / Triumph scene
11/28 — Write the Resolution
11/29 — 11/30 Catch-up 

You Can Do This!

You are committed to write. So write a story. Write a beginning, a middle, and an end. Write a story in which the protagonist transforms and the action is always exciting. Weave subplots into the primary plot. Write a story with meaning.  The Plot Whisperer Book of Writing Prompts will help you accomplish that.

Turn to the section of The Plot Whisperer Book of Writing Prompts that best represents where you are in your story. If you are on track to finish, you’ll begin following the prompts in Part III: THE CRISIS. Complete 3 – 4 prompts a day.


If you don’t believe me, read these couple of reviews:

“Martha Alderson, a.k.a “The Plot Whisperer,” has been a nationally recognized plot consultant for 15 years. Here she offers loads of exercises to help writers think clearly about plot and activate a story’s momentum. This book’s practical exercises will show writers how to bring ‘moments of transformation’ into their own stories.” —Writer Magazine

“Unlike many other programs, Alderson asks you to come up with your own goal. Planning to write a screenplay? Or a novel? See how long a comparable work is, then divide that number by 30. Write this number of words daily for 30 days and you will have a completed draft. All you need to get yourself moving are the prompts in this book. How do I know? 2200 words in two days and counting. Not bad for someone who can’t stand writing prompts.” —Women on Writing

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