Finish Writing Your Novel

plot planner2017 — the year of finishing… 

Join me. Time to finish writing your novel!

With several novels and a couple of non-fiction books in the works, I plotted a plan for the year. Quickly I found that the project I moved to the top of the list was more difficult and draining that I had anticipated. Taking that as a sign and wanting to follow the energy, I’ve decided instead to resurrect a novel I started in 2013. 

Finish Writing Your Novel One Prompt at a Time

The Plot Whisperer Book of Writing PromptsWay back when, I began writing Pleasure Point (working title) as a way to promote The Plot Whisperer Book of Writing Prompts (published 1/13 by Adams Media (now an imprint of Simon & Schuster)). The promotion was a great success. Writers followed along with me, one prompt at a time. We all made great strides forward. I wrote nearly 40,000 words following the prompts. Sometimes I wrote one scene following one prompt. Often I bundled several prompts into one or two scenes. But… I didn’t finished the prompts all the way to the end.

Life happened. Suffering a crisis of my own, I couldn’t raise the energy needed to write the scenes up to and including the Crisis in Pleasure Point. Too dark. Too down and dirty and shocking. Even now, when considering which project to finish first, by picking Pleasure Point, I knew I’d have to rethink the Crisis.

Transformation Summary

PWWorkbookAnd, I have. I’ve got a new 3rd Energetic Marker — one that is actually tied much closer thematically than the first one that had me so stalled out. Next, I needed to re-orient myself to the story. Not wanting to get bogged down in the words of story, I chose to not reread what I had previously written. Instead, I simply filled out the Transformation Summary using The Plot Whisperer Workbook. That exercise immediately grounded me to the story and the protagonist. 

Next, the Plot Planner

Actual goosebumps of anticipation jumped up on my arms when I unfurled my old Plot Planner for the project. The image I share here is of the old Plot Planner covered with notes next to a clean template. As per the PW Book of Prompts program, I’ll fill in the scenes as I write. Picking up from where I left off, this time I plan to follow the prompts to the end. 

Join me!

Finish writing your novel using the prompts from The Plot Whisperer Book of Writing Prompts. Determine where you are currently writing in your story — or if you, like me, are resurrecting an old story, where you left off writing. The prompts coincide with the Beginning, Middle, and End parameters. Line up where you are in your novel with the most appropriate prompt in the PW Book of Prompts. Together, let’s finish writing our novels.

Tweet your daily word count. Include @plotwhisperer so I can see how you are progressing. Let’s keep each other’s spirit high and, this time, finish writing our novels all the way to the end.