Plot & Transformational Consultations

As the Plot Whisperer, I’ve supported writers for more than twenty-five years to discover and develop the plot and design for their novels, memoirs and screenplays in my plot books, workshops, at conferences and during private plot consultations. Often, when developing obstacles and challenges for a protagonist to overcome on the way toward change and transformation, I’ve discovered that many writers and creative people also benefit from facing their own personal internal obstacles during transformational consultations.

1) Plot Consultations

Struggling with plot? You’re not alone. In both the 2-hour plot consultation and during on-going support, the focus is on the overall plot and design of your novel, memoir, screenplay. Rather than spend all your time working at the word and scene level of your stories, stand back and view your novel, memoir, screenplay as a whole.


  • The Primary Plot
  • The Dramatic Action Plot
  • The Character Emotional Development – for the protagonist and major viewpoint characters – Plot
  • The Thematic Significance
  • And, when applicable, the Historical, Romance, Mystery Plots

 Plot consultations focus exclusively on the primary plot which is made up of the action, character and thematic significance. Bring to the call your story concept, a list of scenes or ideas and a sense of the meaning of your story (thematic plot development). Leave behind the individual words. 

Minus the luster of words and phrases is the design or form of your expression.
Depth and mysteries are hiding in your stories right now.
They reveal themselves in the interlocking plot-lines.

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2) Transformational Consultations

Often, to allow yourself the freedom to write and create the life you desire, you may be required to undergo an arduous internal journey. Alone, you struggle to understand what is holding you back, blocking your creativity and stifling your imagination. You need help, a guide, someone to support you on your inner journey and determine what thoughts and beliefs interfere with your ability to achieve what you most desire. I serve as that transformational guide during one-time and on-going personal transformational consultations.  I’ll help you detect what is holding you back from achieving what you want in life and create a plan to move past what blocks you.

Committing to paper something as personal as the words leaking from your fingertips, you face many crossroads and turning points. Rather than shy away from what frightens, challenges and tests you, see your fears in a new light. Rather than crumble or lash out when met by obstacles, learn the power of overcoming adversity. Allow for growth and transformation, and achieve the seemingly impossible. 

You are not changed through your successes.
Disasters and crisis, adversity and loss, disappointment and hurt
define your potential to transform.

Speak via phone one-on-one with me from wherever you are