Check-point for NaNoWriMo Writers — Recommitment Scene

In life and in stories, every moment is an opportunity to commit to moving forward. To continue to put one word after another deeper and deeper into the great unknown takes courage. To persevere when the primary plot gets tangled in subplots and plot twists and your story appears lost signifies a commitment that transcends logic and demonstrates a belief in the magic and mystery and miracle of the pull of the Universal Story. Check-point for NaNoWriMo Writers Recommitment Scene.

Recommit to Your Goals as Your Protagonist Recommits to Hers

You have found the courage to not only begin writing but to continue. Now, comes the time for both you and your protagonist to state and commit to her/your goal(s) at the halfway point of the Universal Story. When you/she does, you/she feels the energy in your/her life rise in significance. This energetic surge is a warning to the reader.

Wake up
Be alert
A crisis is coming



Powerful antagonists leap in, and she/you quickly find her/yourself under siege, pummeled by forces intent on preventing her/your success. The energy of the story fills with more conflict, tension, suspense, and/or curiosity in every scene.
You have discovered that the energy of the Universal Story does not cease at thresholds. Instead, the energy of your story, of your life, of your world heightens. You have also discovered that the longer you dally at any barrier, the longer it takes to achieve your dreams.

  • Thrust yourself forward.
  • Send the protagonist on her way.
  • You are not alone.
  • The Universal Story will assist you


More Support

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