Buried Beneath the Action: A Transformational Consultation

Transformational ConsultationAs writers we’re always looking beneath the action for meaning about what we’re writing. In plot consultations, I help writers look into their characters’ hearts. Pinpoint goals. When appropriate, imagine how character’s emotional backstory wounds influence their motivation and choices. Explore thematic details in scenes. Determine what all the action adds up to. Imagine connections that weren’t there before. In a transformational consultation, I do the same thing. Only, instead of studying the meaning buried beneath the character’s actions, we study the meaning beneath the writer’s actions. Buried in the writer’s actions and beliefs are meaningful clues about what blocks her and scares her, what inspires and motivates and challenges her. Buried beneath the action: a transformational consultation.

No psychology! 

An old alcoholic I fell in love as he was dying of cancer across the country kept barking at me, No psychology! No psychology! Is delving into his personal goal of finishing his memoir before he dies  and uncovering personal antagonists, his resistance and blocks a form of psychology? What does self-sabotage and opposition and blame have to do with the mind? Is buried beneath the action of crying about not writing instead of writing not emotional? I saw our time together as I see my time with other writers more as learning about plot on a very personal level. Rather than a journey into the mind, I see what we do in a transformation consultation as a journey into the spirit. Flip your own challenges and foes upside down against the same backdrop of the Universal Story you use to explore your characters. Understanding settles in. Exhilarating is when I sense the mist part and his thinking shift from muddled to clarity, resistance to acceptance.

Writing Takes You on an Epic Journey

Rather than viewed from the traditional angles of fear and confidence, conquer and submit, creativity comes from spirit. Writing a story with a plot from beginning to end takes you on a epic spiritual journey into yourself. This journey has the potential to change and transform you at a forever level. Change the way you view the ups and downs of not only your writing life but your full life. Suddenly seeing the people (men) standing in the way of her dream differently, she becomes light-headed and a bit baffled. Rather than enemies, these people she’s railed against represent lessons she needs to prevail in the end. Really? It takes saying it and pointing out the examples right in front of her to come clean. Her understanding of herself, her life, her successes and perceived failures falls away to reveal a smooth path forward to a triumphant climax.

Personal Antagonists

Antagonists — anything and everything that interferes with us reaching our goals — come with gifts. The gifts are usually buried. The trick is finding and then wrangling them away. Mostly, we have to accept that our greatest challenges and challengers come with rewards. The treasure is there.

She feels attacked by those she expects to support her. The threshold guardians stand in the way of the goal she is so near to achieving. Before long she loses heart. Her passion vanishes. She still writes but the fun goes missing. Sluggish and defeated, the spirit of her work dies.

Rather than act defensively and see the attacks as a personal affront, she begins to view her antagonists’ challenge as good fortune. So long as you understand what each setback represents in your spiritual journey to wellness and healing and why you’ve attracted them, you’ll find every antagonist thematically consistent in your life. The attacks are based on weakness brought on by her personal flaw and are preparing her for her story’s next step into full production. Suddenly, ideas flow. She sounds light-hearted again. Even knowing similar tests are on their way, she now can embrace the opportunities to learn, practice, and act differently.

Drop Into Your Inner World

When you feel under attack, your creativity, passion, art suffer. Rather than living large and open and expectant, you shut down, become resentful, and live small. To triumph do things differently. Embrace challenges as invitation to transformation. Separate yourself from the physical sensory world and drop into your inner world. Buried Beneath the Action: A Transformational Consultation

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