This is No Time for Your Protagonist or You to Give Up

As you approach the three quarter mark of your story, do not succumb to a personal crisis as your protagonist reaches her darkest moment. You're beginning to doubt yourself? Evoke the emotion you're feeling in your writing. Your story feels a mess? Use your feelings to bring depth to your protagonists emotions. Everyday brings new challenges until you're ready to give up? This is what your protagonist should be feeling. You wonder what's the point? Thanksgiving is calling you out of your writing … [Read more...]

NaNoWriMo Book Giveaway

Frantically writing to keep your word count high during NaNoWriMo? Desperate to finish your novel by year's end? I'm here to help keep your passion and the fire to succeed roaring. It's not too late to achieve your 2017 writing goals! Help is on its way! In the spirit of supporting you in achieving your writing goals and replacing struggle and angst with flow and joy, I'm offering a NaNoWriMo Book Giveaway. The Dark Middle Due to deadlines, I missed sending out pre-plotting help for NaNoWriMo. … [Read more...]

Recommit to NaNoWriMo & Achieve Your Writing Goals for 2017

We are quickly approaching the middle of November. This is the time for you to recommit to NaNoWriMo & achieve your writing goals for 2017. The Halfway Point of a Novel, Memoir, Screenplay  By now is the time your protagonist begins to falter her enthusiasm in the quest wanes her belief in herself to go the distance to achieve her goals weakens You may be feeling exactly the same way I'm spending way too much time away from my family, my work, the outside world what … [Read more...]

Buried Beneath the Action: A Transformational Consultation

As writers we're always looking beneath the action for meaning about what we're writing. In plot consultations, I help writers look into their characters' hearts. Pinpoint goals. When appropriate, imagine how character's emotional backstory wounds influence their motivation and choices. Explore thematic details in scenes. Determine what all the action adds up to. Imagine connections that weren't there before. In a transformational consultation, I do the same thing. Only, instead of studying the … [Read more...]

A Paradigm Shift Ending

During the first session of the Novel Writing Intensive we cover concept and theme. In the second week of eight weeks total, we devote to the novel ending -- the Triumphant Climax. I emphasize the end early-on because endings don't usually receive the time and attention they deserve. Yes, beginnings hook readers. Endings create fans. They also have the potential to emotionally impact a reader's life. A Paradigm Shift Ending Some people believe there are no new stories. I revise that to say no … [Read more...]