Writers! Looking for a Way Back into Your Story?

As summer slowly slips away, are you attempting to ease back into your novel, screenplay, or memoir? One tip I can offer writers looking for a way back into your story -- start at the end of your story. I'm always reminding writers that beginnings hook readers and endings create fans. My intent is to stress the importance of giving your ending at least as much time and attention as you give to your beginning. In wanting to perfect story beginnings to hook readers, writers often spend all their … [Read more...]

Calling all Writing Critique Groups and Book Clubs

Calling all Writing Critique Groups and Book Clubs! I'd love to celebrate the release of Parallel Lives ((A Novel)) with you. As I was digging for an inspired way to promote my new novel, a friend on Twitter came to my rescue. She'd just received a copy of my historical novel set in San Francisco in the 1960s, and she tweeted a few of her friends: "Book club anyone?" I immediately wanted to be a fly on the wall at that meeting. Then, I thought, why not actually be there? That gave me my new … [Read more...]

Parallel Lives ((A Novel))

Parallel Lives ((A Novel)) is now available for purchase! I am so excited to share my historical novel with you! I'm starting off with a soft launch, meaning I'm flying by the seat-of-my-pants without a promotional plan plotted out. Most importantly, by offering this historical novel to you, I break through an impasse. Because, as absolutely thrilled as I am to share with you my 1960s story -- about parallel lives, the power of communication, and the redemptive fire of love set against a time … [Read more...]

Emotional Writers and Logical Writers

I've interacted with hundreds of writers in plot workshops, conferences, and private consultations over the years, and before that hundreds of kids in speech, language and learning therapy.  I continue to marvel at how complex the learning process. What works for one writer, one kid, one person doesn't make sense to another. One approach emboldens one writer and intimidates another.   I also continue to marvel at the complexity of emotional responses to learning. One writer shrivels up and … [Read more...]

Anticlimax vs Climax

Anticlimax is the opposite of climax. An anticlimax is defined as a far less important, powerful, striking end or conclusion than expected to an exciting or impressive series of scenes or events. Lots of athletes at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio have experienced a climax of success. Others who expected more have experienced first-hand an anticlimax -- the letdown and disappointment of not living up to personal and/or external expectations. Anticlimax vs Climax Likely you, too, have suffered … [Read more...]