5 Reasons to Write Stories Simultaneously

Write Multiple Stories Simultaneously  5 best reasons why  You throw yourself into your story. You dream about your characters, bond with them and give your story all your time, resources and attention. Trouble is, by focusing on only one story at a time, you're much more likely to cling to your story well beyond what's healthy for either one of you. Opening yourself to edits becomes challenging. Accepting you're done all you proves difficult. Letting go is impossible. You become so … [Read more...]

Writing a Story is Like Riding a Wave

  The Universal Story in the world around me How writing a story is like riding a wave Living by the ocean, water and waves carry great significance. When I was a kid learning to surf, I was taught to wait for the 7th wave with the promise that the 7th was always the biggest. The pattern of how this happens mirrors the rhythm of the Universal Story.  Waves travel from afar, move through solid objects and often piggyback on other waves. Scenes travel out of the past, move through time and … [Read more...]

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

The Goldfinch by Donna TarttThe difference betweenthe inciting incident and the end of the beginning A writer asks: isn't the inciting incident of an example I use -- the Pulitizer Prize winning The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt -- when he steals the painting (and well before the the End of the Beginning and 1st Energetic Marker at the 1/4 mark)? Yes, the dramatic action inciting incident is when he steals The Goldfinch in the museum. His action energizes the external action, changing the ordinary … [Read more...]

Identifying the Exact Right Protagonist Takes Time and An Open Mind

Real life versus fictionalizing for the sake of your story and your future readers He's researched the time period in history and the true-life facts of people and legal cases he plans to fictionalize in a thriller. Two main characters. Both male. One likable. The other, not so much.  Seems pretty obvious to me who carries the heart of the story. Conflict occurs when it's clear the writer is stuck on who he thinks "should" be the protagonist though he's ambivalent and he's also locked into … [Read more...]

Writers: Enliven Your Imagination and Embrace the Miraculous

Dictionary definition of Imagination: The capacity to form a picture in your mind of something that you have not seen / experienced / isn't real The skill of thinking new things Creative ability Something that exists or happens in your mind   Does imagination come from our minds? Is it a brain-based skill? Or, does it come from outside of us like the muse? To embrace the miraculous demands an openness to all possibilities and a whimsical imagination. In today's world, … [Read more...]