Challenges of Writing a Rough Draft

Ready to embark on writing a new novel, memoir, screenplay? One of the greatest challenges of writing a rough draft is longing to give into the insatiable desire to go back over what you've written and perfect as you write. Some of the Challenges of Writing a Rough Draft  1) As you write forward, you find all sorts of characters and details and actions you missed earlier. Rather than forge on, you're tempted to go back and added what's missing. 2) You become more and more uncomfortable … [Read more...]

Transformational Inspiration

Transformational Inspiration A short video, using nature as my guide, I offer transformational inspiration to support you align your thoughts and beliefs with your goals and desires for the greatest good. For more in-depth transformational inspiration, follow the exercises in the 22 Step online video course: The Spiritual Guide for Writers. … [Read more...]

Truths, Half-truths and Lies

Truths, half-truths and lies flow from every aspect of a memoir writer's life An old drunk writing his memoir and riddled with cancer and so much emotional pain he couldn’t start would call me sporadically from the East Coast for plot support. He was famous for writing for all sorts of prestigisous world events magazines from all over the world. His story's crisis (and seemingly, his life, too) centered on deception of some sort by his mother… and his father. I only remember that the story … [Read more...]

How to Deflate a Bully

How to Deflate a Bully In novels, memoirs and screenplays, bullies create struggle, angst, frustration, setbacks and emotion. Your protagonist meets lots of bullies / antagonists on her way toward her goal and, when she resists, ignores, turns from, runs from, gives in to the bullies, she suffers. Happens in our own lives, too. Think of an antagonist in your life right now. Someone or something or a belief or personal trait that prevents, restricts, limits, bullies you from what you most … [Read more...]

3 Steps to Plot a New Story

New year New beginnings New story First, Plot 3 Steps How In 3 easy steps, learn how to plot a new story. 1) Brainstorm how all three major plot lines in your story evolve from the beginning into the middle and all the way to the end of the story, focusing first on the Energetic Markers 2) Imagine how your protagonist's traits change / transform over the course of your novel as a result of the dramatic action. Use that to create a transformation summary for the protagonist of your … [Read more...]