3 Common Plot Problems

3 Common Plot Problems Back to plot consultations after a month hiatus, I once again marvel at the universality of our writer's journeys and common plot problems. Common Plot Problems 1) One writer takes to heart some general advice she hears at a writers conference and rewrites her entire novel based on that advice only to come to understand that her original approach worked. The second approach didn't. Though I can hear how deflated, the writer resists wallowing in grief over all the hours … [Read more...]

Frightened Writers

Watching my new neighbors (baby seagull stock image -- "my" 3 are bigger - adolescents?) peer over the ledge and back away… not ready yet, got me to thinking about resistant and frightened writers who go to the edge, look over and back away. If the birds jump now they'll likely get hurt or die. Still, after they turn from the promise, they eat and sleep and flap their little wings, doing all they need to for the strength and skills needed when they are ready.  If you find yourself resisting … [Read more...]

How to Write Happy

How to Write Happy I recently tweeted: "Steer clear of anyone who dampens your enthusiasm for writing," and received back: "How do I steer clear of me?"  So incredibly sad and heartbreakingly true, which is why I've been creating and filming and offering the Beta-membership for the Spiritual Guide for Writers: Secrets of Personal Transformation. Every writer, creative person, entrepreneur, everyone experiences highs and lows in life. 99.95% of the lows are self-inflicted. Yes, we all … [Read more...]

How to Create Chemistry with Your Readers

How to Create Chemistry with Your Readers What is that mysterious tug that draws you near someone for no apparent reason? Some call that immediate and intense emotional attraction experienced by two people chemistry. Is it possible to create the same sort of chemistry with your readers as the emotional connection you feel with that someone special who occupies all your thoughts and free time? Creating characters who are compatible with your readers through similarities in lifestyles and values … [Read more...]

Craft and Writer

Craft and Writer: two essential elements necessary for writing a story with a plot from beginning to end. The Plot Whisperer: Secrets of Story Structure Any Writer Can Master offers tips for the craft of writing in Plot Whisper sidebars and for the writer in Writer's Way sidebars interwoven with all the elements of plot for novels, memoirs, and screenplays. Writers who love the Plot Whisperer book are divided into three groups: 1) Writers who benefit the plot structure and support 2) Writers … [Read more...]