Plot Tip for the Middle of a Novel, Memoir, Screenplay

Plot tip for the middle of a novel-memoir-screenplay depends on overarching tension Do you use words like meddlesome, murky, sagging to describe the middle of an early draft of your novel, memoir, or screenplay? Depend on the following plot tip.   One way to support the Middle is by providing an overarching tension -- Will she or won't she? When the reader is clear there is something significant at stake, like life or death, and will be revealed later in the story, the reader is willing to … [Read more...]

Control the Pacing of Your Novel, Memoir, Screenplay

Learn how to control the pacing of your novel, memoir, screenplay.  Plot the pace and intensity of all the major events of your novel, memoir, screenplay along the Plot Planner line. Rather than outline your plot in list-form or story-board your ideas in a flat and linear progression, plot the pacing of your scenes to rise and fall in the dynamic pattern found in all great stories.  As the line of the Plot Planner slowly rises at the beginning, control the pacing of the action, emotion, … [Read more...]

What is the Definition of Plot?

What is the Definition of Plot The definition of plot incorporates the 3 major plot lines in every great story: Dramatic Action Character Emotional Development Thematic Significance Also included in the definition of plot is the all important cause and effect.  Plot is how the dramatic action changes or transforms the protagonist's emotional development over time through cause and effect in a meaningful way. See for yourself: To learn how to incorporate all three plot lines and … [Read more...]

Challenges of Writing a Rough Draft

Challenges of Writing a Rough Draft  When embarking on writing a new novel, memoir, screenplay you long to give into the insatiable desire to go back over what you've written and perfect as you write. Challenges of writing a rough draft of a story: 1) As you write forward, you find all sorts of characters and details and actions you missed earlier 2) You become more and more uncomfortable as the conflict and tension builds 3) You find yourself continually wishing to scurry back to the … [Read more...]

Transformational Inspiration

Transformational Inspiration A short video, using nature as my guide, I offer transformational inspiration to support you align your thoughts and beliefs with your goals and desires for the greatest good. For more in-depth transformational inspiration, follow the exercises in the 22 Step online video course: The Spiritual Guide for Writers. … [Read more...]