Alchemy in Writing and in Life

Alchemy in Writing and in Life In both of the two programs that make up the Beta-Membership: Writing a Story takes You on an Epic Journey, you've been learning about how alchemy works in writing and in life. In the 27-Step Tutorial: How Do I Plot a Novel, Memoir, Screenplay?, you're changing and transforming the protagonist(s) of your story through the dramatic action of the story in a meaningful way. In Secrets of Personal Transformation: A Spiritual Guide, you're learning how to change and … [Read more...]

A Novel Idea How to Market Your Book

A Novel Idea How to Market Your Book A definition of marketing I found on the internet is: To make your product visible to everyone. Now, my novel marketing idea does not make your book visible to everyone. However, this one simple idea how to market your book does make potential buyers AND the staff of one bookstore very happy.  My novel idea is to bring a cake to your book launch party. Not just any cake, mind you. Bring a large flat cake displaying the cover of your new book. I've done … [Read more...]

The Art of Collaboration: Joys and Pitfalls of Co-Authorship

The Art of Collaboration: Joys and Pitfalls of Co-Authorship Now that Writing Deep Scenes: Plotting Your Story through Action, Emotion & Theme is shipping (though the formal release date is not until October), I have a deep appreciation for the art of collaboration and co-authorship and am incredibly grateful to my co-author, Jordan Rosenfeld, author of several novels and books for writers. Joys, there were many. Pitfalls, miraculously there were none.  Jordan and I met a couple of years … [Read more...]

Plot and Emotion

Plot and Character Emotion 2 Ways Plot and emotion converge in the character in 2 major ways: 1) At the overall story / plot level, a character shows emotion by how she develops or evolves emotionally from who she shows herself to be in the beginning of the story to who she changes or transforms into at the end. The character emotional development plot line carries the heart of the story, is cumulative -- spanning from the beginning to the end and lasts beyond the character's fleeting moments … [Read more...]

Foreshadowing in Stories

8 Plot Tips how to use foreshadowing in the middle of stories to best benefit the action at the climax at the end of your story The middle challenges the protagonist in an unfamiliar territory. Throughout all the setbacks and obstacles, the middle also provides the protagonist with opportunities to learn, discover, rediscover a gift, clue, belief, ability, skill that serves her in her final confrontation at the end. The act of discovery is often used as an act of foreshadowing in stories. 8 … [Read more...]