As Your Protagonist Gains Strength, So Do You

As Your Protagonist Gains Strength, So Do YouWith a few days left of NaNoWriMo and only weeks left of 2017, now is a great time to think again about your protagonist’s ultimate change or transformation. The Universal Story demand transformation. The more aspects of the protagonist’s change you show in scene as her transformation unfolds, the better you demonstrate the depth and breadth of her change. In turn, your novel becomes deeper and wider. As your protagonist changes, she gains strength. So have you. Writing a story from beginning to end with a plot is as demanding as any goal you give your protagonist. Throughout November, you have stumbled and suffered  as much as she has. As you persevered, you have also gained strength and confidence.  As your protagonist gains strength, so do you. 

The Affirmation Prompt as part of Prompt 118 in The Plot Whisperer Book of Writing Prompts (read HERE how to win a free copy) states: My writing has given me wisdom to search for the truth, my truth, the story I dream of sharing with readers. As my story has grown in strength, I have, too. Together, we have expanded our range of sight and meaning.

 As Your Protagonist Gains Strength, So Do You 

Read the following excerpt from The Plot Whisperer Workbook as it pertains to your protagonist. Then read it again as it pertains to you. What your protagonist is experiencing and going through often mirrors where you are in the Universal Story.

One of the defining elements of the final quarter of a story is that the protagonist is slapped with a number of complications the nearer she moves toward achieving her goal. With each complication, the protagonist suffers some sort of reversal. At each reversal in the middle of the story, the protagonist loses power and is physically, mentally or emotionally restrained or injured.

The Final Quarter of the Story

However, now in the final quarter of the story, though she may be knocked off track and suffering, the protagonist spots gifts and opportunities open to her that she refused before, forgot, or never recognized. From the power she accumulates from her interactions with allies and positive forces throughout the entire book—and especially at the end—she no longer fights against the opposition. In the buildup to the climax, the protagonist finds ways to overcome her antagonists without force.

When she enters the final quarter of the story, she has assessed her past plans and goals for the purpose of creating a right and appropriate future. To succeed she must face her greatest fear in order never to fear again. As the protagonist moves toward the climax, she is focused and filled with purpose. She knows what she needs to do and she knows she is the only one who can do it. In doing what is needed at the climax, she fulfills her unique destiny.

Reaching the Climax

This clarity and single-minded focus does not belie the truth of the travail and turbulence she meets along the way. Great risk is required as is great suffering before she reaches the climax.

What started at the beginning of the story when the protagonist first set out seems so simple and clear now. In the middle of the story, she often turned ambivalent as the new world’s complexity and challenges unfolded. Still, she never stopped moving nearer and nearer to her crowning glory. In changing the choices she made and sacrificing the familiar, she transformed her life. Now her passion is clear and creative. (From The Plot Whisperer Workbook

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