An On-line Transformational Book Group

I’ve been studying how fictional characters change and transform in stories for nearly thirty years. When I began teaching the transformational plot pattern repeated in every great story, I started seeing the same pattern emerge in the lives of the creative people I work with. Writers who start a novel with much vigor and hope frequently flounder when met by obstacles, both internal and external. Vulnerable to harsh critiques and rejection, sensitive artists tend fall ill, sometimes with serious complications. Nearly all people in the creative arts face moments when they want to give up. Sadly, countless do, though those who persevere frequently go on to accomplish feats of wonder. I call this pattern the Universal Story. Now, I’m passionate to explore more deeply this spiritual path to creativity, transformation, and success in nonfiction books. Join me in an on-line transformational book group.


Once a month, we meet on-line to discuss a spiritual nonfiction book, though not religious per se, by women. Are you interested in exploring techniques and insights others have gleaned in overcoming hardship to live triumphantly? Welcome to the Transformational Book Group. 

Transformational Books

With a month to read, we’ll pick books with a reasonable page count. Also important to consider for the books we choose is that they be available at the library and in paperback. I assign the first book (the title comes with the welcome letter after you sign up). After that, everyone is invited to offer suggestions of transformational or spiritual books you’ve read and enjoyed. These titles can include memoir. Come prepared with your reasons why you believe your transformational book is worth our attention. Everyone’s opinion matters.


The Transformational Book Group meets every first Tuesday. Timing is tricky because of differing time zones. We begin at 4pm Pacific and see how that works for everyone once we get started. Plan to commit to an hour and a half or two hours.


During the first 10 minutes, we check in and catch up with each other.

For the next 15 minutes, I discuss if and how the book mirrors the Universal Story. My contention is that challenges are pre-determined and arrive at specific moments in every spiritual journey. These are energetic markers in the Universal Story. My hope is that you find benefit from the books we read and also gain an awareness of where you are on your own unique journey. This ultimately allows you to move more effortlessly toward that which you most desire. (If you’re a writer, I trust you’ll also better understand the journey your protagonist travels throughout your novel, memoir, screenplay.) 

In the remaining time, each person shares a “gem” you gleaned from reading the book. Along with this gem, also come prepared to share a practice you put in place to integrate this concept into your body, create new habit, mind set, solidify a new belief. Everyone is given time to share what in the book was most meaningful to you. We may not always agree about the books but with good fortune we’ll find lots to ponder, mull over, and discuss. 

How to Sign Up

Once payment is received you will receive a welcome letter to the transformational book group with the following:

  • The title of the book to read and come ready to discuss
  • Book group days and times
  • Guidelines to follow prior to our first meeting
  • How to log-in on each book group day  

$50.00 (Please note: No refunds issued)