About Martha

Paralell Lives A NovelWhen I’m not at the beach, I write women’s fiction and nonfiction about plot, the Universal Story, and personal transformation. 

plot whisperer resourcesI first introduced the Universal Story in my bestselling The Plot Whisperer to “show” plot and structure and how to transform your life. I’m known as the Plot Whisperer for the plot and life tips I “whisper” across all social media platforms.

I often muse on the Plot Whisperer blog, where I explore the plot and structure, character transformation and change in movies and books and writers I work with in an attempt to pin down universal elements and dynamics I finds in stories and in life. 

Writing a story is like riding a wave.
You’re best served having
a respect for the sea
an understanding of the waves,
physical strength,
and the emotional will to 
throw yourself into the great unknown and 
surrender to the universal pull…

I started out teaching writers about plot by embracing the structural, linear and organized side of writing a story. Before long, I widened my support to include writers limited by self-doubt, lacking imagination, and those who have forgotten how to follow their own heart. For success in any creative life is needed:

  • A belief in yourself 
  • A reliance on your own innate intuition 
  • A wide open imagination

“We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.” Jacques Yves Cousteau
“We forget that the story cycle and the life cycle are all part of the Universal Story.” Martha Alderson

Create a Plot PlannerNow, in addition to writing fiction, teaching plot, and how to structure the creative muse, I also help people enliven their creativity, more easily tap into inspiration to uncover what to write about, and better envision imaginative solutions. As your creativity blossoms, the quality of your life improves. 

When I’m not writing or
helping people live their best lives,
you’re apt to find me in the water
or walking on the beach in 
search of sea-glass. 

An author of historical and literary fiction and non-fiction books for writers and artists, Martha Alderson was born in San Francisco, a 5th generation Californian. She grew up in the Bay Area in the ‘50s and ‘60s. She now lives and writes in Santa Cruz. She has been writing fiction for more than thirty years.